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August 3, 2011 8:18 pm EST
IAMADUMBHEAD original artist
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by DoubleXL 12 years ago

This a dope ass song G!
Heres one I made before the gym the other night:

by IAMADUMBHEAD 12 years ago

LIZZAS as follows
Oh hai im that guy built so fly with a silk bow tye
Yes I stole that line from that watsky guy oh my
im also rather pale but I cant rap like he can
im not larger than life but Im big like he man
like fity cent you can can find me in the club
dancing like a fool not for you coz I do it for the love
whos love my love coz even my mum cant love this mug
but she still loves me for me and that’s all im ever gona be
yes I still skate still climb trees still play video games and im 23
some say I should grow up and act my age
im fucked up but who isn’t these days
yall can call me deaf coz I cant hear what they say
my theory is do what you want coz haterz gonna hate
but that’s cool everyones entitled to their opinions
they are about as usefull as monopoly millions
is it wrong that I enjoy gettin drunk and solving puzzles and playin board games
is it bad that I pretend my name is hulio miguel sanchez and im from spain
cee senioritta cervasis por pavor mamacita
any girls want some of this? Id like to meet ya
we can hang out and eat some English muffins and drink a mug of tea
ill try my hardest to be as charming as can be
please don’t run away like im radio active
yes of course I think your very attractive
But its your personality and intellect that happened to catch my interest
Although id be lying if I didn’t want to rock your world and touch your breast
Ill just stay real I kinda like ya
so heres my number
its 02 555 555 4
im a nice guy but life is cold that’s what the beard is for
that’s why im hot, so good looking
im heaps tough too good at cooking
you can call me a god damn master chef
oh and if you don’t know my names g fresh