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Username: BAakaBorn
Name: B.A.
Email: weintheworld at yahoo dot com
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Hometown: Chestnut Ridge, NY
Country: United States
Date Joined: February 22, 2013 3:27 pm EST
Age: 35
About Me: I grew up in RockLand County NY a community located just outside of NYC plagued with drugs and violence. I became a music fan early and started rapping at age nine and by age sixteen I had mastered my style of swift smooth lyrical delivery which was influenced by some of histories greatest rap icons like Biggie Big Pun Pete Rock Tupac and Big L. However as a young man growing up poor in the streets I turned to a life of crime a lifestyle I incorporate in my music with tracks like Cash Rules and Whats up which eventually led to many arrest and incarseration. Around 21 I started to shift my attention towards my music and started my own company Streetz R Us entertainment along with my childhood mentor Zim who also started We In The World Models and We In The World entertainment Which puts on and promotes all types of events in hot spots around the country. I have performed in Miami Atl and NYC and worked with main stream artists like Sigon and Pete Rock. I also put together the group (Space GANG) in 2011. Members include Young Pitt and Shaficial Who both happen to be childhood friends. I've released my first Mixtape titled Seeing is Believing on hosted by DJ Cashtro of Slip n Slide DJs which is being received well with lots of excellent feedback from around the world. My goal in the Rap game is to prove I'm one of the nicest spitters out there and to never stop workin to put out the hottest music in the world. You can follow me @Twitter TheRealBA _ @facebook B.A. a/k/a Born Artist @facebook Space GANG Need Models or want to plan an event or show in the NYC area? Send us an email weintheworld@yahoo. ...