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Username: DocDavis
Email: docdavis88 at yahoo dot com
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Hometown: Lawrence, KS
Country: United States
Date Joined: November 25, 2008 2:44 pm EST
Birthday: January 8, 1988
Age: 32
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Born in Louisiana in the gritty city of New Orleans in the Lower 9th ward, I, DocDavis aka N.O., started rapping since Hurricane Katrina forced me out my hometown. Destined to not let anything stand in my way, I advanced my rapping technique and created my own style. Just like many, I'm a extravert. Most people I know would tell you that I'm multi-talented, athletic, a poetic yet colorful lyricist, a romanticist, and very emphatic and arguementative but fair. But, of course, these are not physical traits so you wouldn't know this by looking at me, so come get to know me. I was born from a deaf mother, we can conclude that the little talent that I do have, didn't come from that DNA trait. So...that throws that-"you either got it or you don't", "you was born with it", old nature theory completely out the window.