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Username: fanisatt
Email: fanisatt at yahoo dot gr
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Country: Greece
Date Joined: October 4, 2012 1:59 am EST
Birthday: November 22, 1963
Age: 60
About Me: One man band……
I am sure that, you understand what this means ( a poor home-studio with computers – cheap musical equipment and software and a crummy composer who tries to make almost everything alone).
Fortunately, I invite “guest stars” (I usually mean my daughter....) to cooperate with me on the vocals. (I can’t sing).
I try with my music to touch melodic lines rather than strength and power.
As an unsigned digital music composer I made an album with mood, easy listening, instrumental and pop general music after …. some years of hard work.
It is my point of view ,so I named it ….View.
You can see the full album and DOWNLOAD FREELY any song in
You can DOWNLOAD FREELY the entire almum in
You can see nice videos on my music here :
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