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Username: glenieb
Email: morninghive at yahoo dot com
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Hometown: Renovo, PA
Country: United States
Date Joined: October 18, 2008 10:40 am EST
Birthday: July 9, 1969
Age: 54
About Me: Born into poverty as a young child ...I found my way through life by a chain of uneventful events that made me the person i am today...with razor blade in hand i swung at the giant lizards till they fell to the pavement and began to drink the blood from their now defunct carcuss..they use to torture and rape me as a teenager but i would fight back with the old mighty sword and thats when 'the war of many' was a struggle for the humans and the unwanted heroes..almost death by proxy....but with time on our side..the Lizards went the way of rainbows..and faded into the sky of Lexicon... WAIT A SECOND!!!....IM JUST A ROCK n ROLL DISC JOCKEY!