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Username: love900
Name: kristina
Email: kwhotchick at gmail dot com
(replace at with @ and dot with .)
Country: Georgia
Date Joined: April 30, 2009 9:23 am EST
Birthday: November 13, 1996
Age: 26
About Me: hey ma nme iz kristina n i am in da 6th grade n i im 12 yrz old n i im single bt i still love ma ex-boyfrwend kyonte well iney waz i im really cool 2 hang wit if u dnt get on ma bad side i im a really nice person 2 hang wit n i love 2 go shoppin n go 2 da moviez wit all ma frwendz!

love yall!
"get up take a spin n dance baybee"
"blow out the candles n take a wish bitch"
"im done with all the bullshit i just imagine that i write a poem witha pen bayybe"
(love yu baybee)