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Username: mindlesshope
Name: Matt
Email: matt at mindlesshope dot com
(replace at with @ and dot with .)
Hometown: Yardley, PA
Country: United States
Date Joined: May 20, 2010 5:07 pm EST
Age: 32
About Me: Mindless Hope is made up of seven unique personalities that bring their eclectic influences to every song. Soaring, multi-part harmonies combined with a driving progressive metal sound, bests describes this Philly area band. Each member plays their own orchestrated piece in every song, while individually weaving their unique style into the cohesive fabric that is Mindless Hope.

“With two vocalists and three guitarists, the band blends solid harmonies and dynamic riffs with the drums and bass that bolsters each song…” said John Doan of musicfrenzy.net when describing the “8-minute bludgeoning titled ‘War Wagon.’”

To date, Mindless Hope has released two full-length albums titled “Verbatim,” (2013) and “Unlocking a New Realm of Existence,” (2016) as well as an EP called “Speechless,” (2017) where six instrumental songs from “Verbatim,” were remixed and mastered with vocals added. They are currently writing and recording their third full-length album entitled “Mental Truancy” with an expected release in 2019.