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Username: veiila
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Country: Russian Federation
Date Joined: May 3, 2015 5:33 pm EST
About Me: VEiiLA
High-voltage electropop and atmospheric sound-textures glued by emotive female vocals.
VEiiLA is an indie electropop band formed in 2014 by Vif Nüte (singer, songwriter and keyboardist) and Bes Eiredt (producer, keyboardist). The band’s sound may be referred to post-synthpop based on fat electronic kick, bass- and lead-synths blended with cinematic strings and self-recorded natural samples. It’s all glued by female vocals with a bit of Nordic accent. Lyrics are personal and cover different aspects of human nature, relationships and interactions with society. Talking about influences band members mention Hurts for their “layered” production, Bjork for innovations and sincerity and the new revival of electropop for the in-your-face sound and crispy synths.