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Username: AudioMartyr
Email: AudioMartyr at hotmail dot com
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Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Country: United States
Date Joined: August 14, 2011 5:43 pm EST
Age: 37
About Me: Audio Martyr est. 2010 from an old dream two friends once had. Nov 2000, Michael Coe and Jeff Heatherly recorded their first Demo under the band Dex-03. Later, they formed another band together called; One Step Further. Refining the writing process and creating their own unique music style, the two seperated to work on other projects. Now ten years later, Jeff and Michael reunite once again to form Audio Martyr. After relocating to Arizona, the two musicians met a local drummer to record percussion tracks for Audio Martyr's debut album. Now Audio Martyr is running full RPM to bring you their first full-length release!

So sit back and enjoy the sound waves from; "Skyscrapers to Saguaros Love&Hate" by Audio Martyr