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Hometown: Bronx, NY
Country: United States
Date Joined: May 5, 2009 8:09 am EST
Age: 43
About Me: ">(TEMPORARY BIO) Born and raised in the streets of the borough that mothered this rap i$! (Boogie Down Bronx), his love for music started at the early age of 2 bangin' beats on the washer machine while his mother sang church tunes. One year later, he began playing drums in church even though he couldn't reach the foot pedal. As the years progressed, his love for music intensified as he mastered the drums and picked up some bass and piano skills. By the age of 13, he was introduced to the DJ world by a good friend (the original DJ Stener) who took time out in teaching him the art of mixing Freestyle and Latin House music. His DJ skills were quickly put to the test at a house party, where he worked his first crowd successfully. As his DJ gigs expanded throughout New York City, he was able to invest in a Yamaha Keyboard and Tascam Four Track machine. The following day, he connected his equipment and began recording his own melodies and drum patterns. From then on, he felt an adrenaline rush for every beat he created. Noticing the high demand on mixed tapes, he dropped his own volume titled, Hip Hop and R&B Take 1- 3 with the support of a team he joined called Dirty Room Productions (Shouts to G Storm from the 4th, Villin, John, Jeff, Anys, Nece , Lou, Phil R.I.P, Chek, and everyone else that helped out). Working with this group was a motivating tool that kept him focused as a DJ/Producer. While working on his next project, he came across a Flipmode record that provided the label's contact information. The next day, he got in contact with the head of promotions at Elektra/Warner Music Group (good looking out Trigga/Gunner) and was invited to pick up some vinyl. From then on he made it his business to pick up records every Friday. Swapping names with other DJs got him connected to Dwight, Super Mario, Mister C, Tone and Poke and many other A&R's and Promoters from just about every major label. He completed Take 4 and 5, and had several beats lined up but knew he could do better. As a result, he grinded in the streets finding quick ways to get cash. From DJing, to selling his doubles, and other things need not be mentioned, he was able to get a Korg Triton and digital 4 track machine. As the years passed, he wasted a lot of time living for the moment and lost focus on his studies leading him to drop out of high school, but kept DJ'ing and Making Beats. Fortunately, at 23 he made a 360 turn around, got his H.S.E.D and started taking life seriously. He then asked himself the effective question, what do I need to do to make music my career? In 2003, he enrolled in I.A.R's Audio Training School and graduated in fall of 2004 with a 4.0. That experience made him respect the art of engineering, boosted his confidence, and expanded his network. Went on to produce 3 tracks for LA NSB album titled Ahora "O" Nunca (out in stores) with Dream Sound Records/MiaMind Distribution (shouts to Iron, K9, Candela, TNT, Ragga and Capicu). In 2006 he collaborated with a local artist called VAGUE and got connected with Vandice and Russ which landed him on the 2nd volume of Check The Credits DVD featured on the last issue of SCRATCH magazine. The following year he produced the single for M.S.G called Be Mine (shouts to A.B.S, Dunn Deal, Paulee and Portiay) that got a nice buzz in the streets. And now it's the time to take the industry by storm, so watch out for STUNNALOADZ cause he will be charging like a raging bull. Most recent accomplishments, worked with Frekey Zeeky and Sen City from Dipset 730, and just took on a position as Production Coordinator for iStandard inc(a fast growing website for up and coming Producers), and signed 2 music placement deals. Shouts to: Vague, Russ, J Hatch, Don Di, Jimbo, Pone, Screw Driver, Burt Bazin, Dex Diamond, Polo/Eric, Shadow, Robin Kearse, Neida, Keith "Wok" Watts, Junior, Kaze and many more. BIO Still Under Construction < <