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Username: Skyrelli
Email: contact at skyrelli dot com
(replace at with @ and dot with .)
Country: Germany
Date Joined: October 25, 2010 9:52 am EST
Birthday: September 12, 1983
Age: 36
About Me: 1999 was the year when "Skyrelli" wrote his first songs on known beats to practice his rapping skills. Right after his growing reputation he decided to produce his own beats which led him to the creation of the "Summer 1992 LP" in 2000. Three years later after studying and improving the rhymes, flows, and styles the second LP "Rotten Perfection" was done. "Skyrelli" focused his work on two LPs: the one for the crew "Deep Syndicate" who was founded in the same year and the other for himself as a solo artist. "Bringing The Streetness 219" was released in 2006 with features by different MCs including "Deep Syndicate". The degree in sound engineering socialized him with his current producer "Eclectic" and the R&B singer "Brobick". The three artists produced the EP "Sound Squad Essence" under the crew name "Sound Squad" in september 2009.


"cover lover pt. one" MIXTAPE

The mixtape is featured by
"Wigga" "K-Ly" "DJ Crayc" and "Reason-T"


1 - Subjective Opinion
2 - Whut We Got Here
3 - Mic Check
4 - 219 Statement
5 - Spirit Writin
6 - Rap Flow
7 - Usually By Da Way (feat. DJ Crayc)
8 - CBR
9 - Some Shit (feat. Reason-T)
10 - Risky (feat. K-ly)
11 - I Do It