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Username: cjbomb
Country: Germany
Date Joined: May 29, 2009 9:56 pm EST
Age: 45
About Me: CJ Bomb, austrian producer and Rag Squad Music label owner, former A&R Manager for Sony Austria, he co-founded LXounds/LXrecords record studio and in 1999 founded Rag Squad Music, an international music label.

Some of his collaborators are Peter Rauhofer (Club 69, Kim Cooper, remixes for Depeche Mode, Madonna, Cher, Elton John), Christopher Just (Pank Anderson, Petra, Just) Shave that Pussi, Viva, MTV, Georg Luksch Produzent (Edelweiss, "How to dance" Bingoboys) Simone Produktion, Doozer 2000 etc.

Artists appearing on his label include: Orélie White, Miko, Jonny Franco (Coverversion "Helden" and "Washing of the water"), Cyrille Verdeaux, Splendid Sounds, McConnery, Rainer Theobalb, Sky Romica, Noise Attack, Norman Bass (Coverversion "Moonlight Shadow"), 2Shine (produced from Louis Rodregez/Modern Talking), and many more.